Eating with the Seasons

September 8, 2021 4:38 pm


The planet is in urgent need of help, and we all must alter our lifestyles if we want to preserve the earth. There are lots of ways that we can live more environmentally friendly lives, from ditching the car to recycling more, and one great way that we can also make a big positive change is by growing our own food and eating what is in season – which reduces the travel time of the food, saves on packaging and helps us to connect to nature and the seasons better.

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As well as this, home grown vegetables and fruits offer us a healthy lifestyle and you can have fun experimenting with new recipes and ideas – try cooking vegetables with a sweet caramelised taste by adding this Organic Vanilla Extract from Foodie Flavours for example.

If you are looking for some fruits and vegetables to start growing here is a brief guide to what you will be able to harvest each season…

Spring – In the spring there is plenty to feast on in the vegetable patch – purple sprouting broccoli, spring greens and asparagus are a few great veggies that are abundant in Spring, and for fruits, try gooseberries which are ready around May.

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Summer – Enjoy salads of new potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, and fruits like strawberries, Elder berries and raspberries in the summer months.

Autumn – The time of the harvest, and nature provides abundant foods – pumpkins and squash, as well as mushrooms can make some delicious stews and soups and apples and blackberries are ready to be picked for jams and crumbles.

Winter – Curly kale, red cabbage and brussels sprouts are all ready to eat in the winter and there may also be apples on some of the trees.