Natural Wonders to See in the Woodland in the Autumn

September 10, 2021 10:50 am


Although the weather is getting chillier, going out and enjoying the woodlands and countryside in the autumn is great fun and there is so much to see! Wrap up warm in cosy and snuggly Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift and get out and about to enjoy the fresh autumnal air – here are a few thin

Mushrooms and Fungi – The autumn woodland is brimming with these weird but wonderful and essential organisms. Keep looking around the base of trees, in amongst leaf litter and on tree stumps and branches to see how many types you can spot. From the edible porcini mushrooms (often known as penny bun due to the top looking like a bread roll!) to the deadly but fairytale-esque Fly Agaric.

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Tree Seeds – Trees spread their seeds in many ways and now is the time to see the variety of shapes and styles of seeds – from the acorns of the oak trees to the large keys that are produced by the ash trees. Of course not forgetting the favourite childhood seed of the horse chestnut – conkers!

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Fruits – As well as seeds, many plants and trees spread via fruits. Look in amongst the hedgerows to spot delicious blackberries, deep purple sloes of the blackthorn and the haws that are produced by the hawthorn. Loved by the birds, these are eaten and spread far and wide in the birds droppings.