The alcohol we get from Potatoes

September 24, 2021 9:46 am


One of the most versatile alcohol spirits we can use for mixing as a base in cocktails has to be Vodka. This Russian/Polish/East European staple has been warming the cockles for centuries. Where does this clear yet strong tasting liquid come from? It certainly is a popular drink. As with any alcoholic beverage it has to be stored away securely in places like a bonded warehouse first and foremost. Maintenance of stock in such places is vital and a Bonded Warehouse Management Software like that from is of absolute importance.

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In the beginning, Vodka was made from fermented cereal grains. Like most spirits this was the most popular way to do it. However there are now many producers who look to use the humble potato instead. This produces a very flavoursome Vodka that is not as harsh. This is not the only different approach. Honey has also been used and even Maple tree sap. These produce much sweeter and smoother vodkas that make it even more viable as a mixer.

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The origins of the drink are lost in time with many countries in East Europe claiming to be responsible for its creation. Being such a simple process it could be that it was a mutual development with no country or people getting there first. The name comes from the word “voda” which means water in the Slavic language, which dominates East Europe. It has also been, like whiskey, thought to mean water of life and also, water that burns.