Keeping your home warm in winter

August 6, 2020 5:19 pm


We are in the midst of summer and a summer like no other that we have seen, whether some of the pandemic lockdown measures are still in places across the country. More and more people are settling into the new normal as we head towards the latter part of the year.

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As the colder winter weather arrives most of us turn to our heating systems to keep us nice and warm at home. In order for your home to be heated to its best there are a number of things that you can do.

Service – having your systems serviced on an annual basis by a professional Boilers Gloucester company can help to pick up any issues that may be occurring with your system. The heating engineer will also be able to let you know how efficient your system is so that you can plan to have a new boiler installed if needed.

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Insulation – there is no point in having a great heating system that can provide your home with all the warmth that you need if most of it is going to be lost through your roof space and walls. This is where insulation comes in.

Draughts – as well as losing heat through non insulated areas you can also find that you lose heat and draughts can appear through areas such as the edges of your doors and windows. This is a quick and easy fix and some sealant around the edges can help to rectify this issue.