What Are the Symptoms of STIs?

August 12, 2020 4:02 pm


If you are searching for information on what are the symptoms of STIs, this article will give you some helpful information. In many cases, you might notice having symptoms. But, it might also happen to you need to know what these symptoms are in order to identify the problem and take care of it. But first of all, let’s have a little introduction about what STD is. Basically, it is defined as sexually transmitted disease or a sexually transmitted infection. STDs can be very dangerous because of the fact that there is an increasing number of STDs and many people still don’t know what they are, let alone knowing what the symptoms of STIs are.

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So, what are the symptoms of S.I? Well, in most cases, there will be itching, possible pain or blood when urinating and perhaps a rash. Some women might have pain during urination, but in many cases, they do not experience any pain. In some cases, the infection can cause an unpleasant odour, which is a symptom of infection. Sometimes, there will be a discharge which is new or unusual and might be thick, whitish or grey in colour. For more information on STI Tests Greenwich, visit a site like https://www.greenwichsexualhealth.org/home_sti_kits/

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The best way to avoid this type of infection is to practice safe sex with the using of male and/or female condoms. These are the only types of contraception that can help prevent both unwanted pregnancy and the risk of contracting or spreading a sexually transmitted disease.