Some interesting facts about Headstones

August 22, 2020 8:19 am


In every graveyard you will find a series of gravestones. These either take the form of a cross or a tablet. They are a way of recording the location and final resting place of a loved one. We have them so that we can come back to remember them and honour them. These small memorials are very important. One of the best suppliers of Headstones are where you can find a tasteful and suitable range. Here are some interesting facts about headstones.

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The writing on the headstone is known as the epitaph. These are the details of the person buried in the plot. Many people want to include a message but one of the most popular is “in loving memory” and “Together again” when a married couple is buried together. Some chose humour. Spike Milligan’s reads (in Gaelic) “I told you I was I’ll!” where as JRR Tolkein’s has the names of too characters Beren and Luthien (for his wife) who fall in love in the Silmarillion.

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Many Headstones face towards the East so that they can be pointed at Jerusalem for the second coming. For the most part Headstones are marble or granite as they last a considerable amount of time and do not weather. Some can even incorporate scanned pictures of loved ones or have artefacts from their life placed in them such as jewellery. Someone even asked for parts of their beloved motor bike to be included so they could have it in the after life.