What Is A Sewer?

August 25, 2020 5:55 am


A sewer is the foundation that carries surface runoff through pipes. It includes elements such as collecting drains, discharge points, pump stations, pumping stations, and storm sewers. The sewer is also responsible for absorbing soil and debris from its surroundings. When the sewer is full of trash, the water may overflow to surrounding areas. In some cases, the water may cause flooding and damage to the structure and property of the home.

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What exactly is a sewer? A sewer is an elaborate system that carries sewage or other water runoff with drains to sewers. A sewer can be a part of a building’s interior, exterior, or both. A sewer can also be underground and connected to a surface drain field through underground drainage. The term “sewer” is a generic term that covers all these systems. When a house has an underground sewer system, the drain field is called an infiltration system, or a septic tank, and when a surface drain field is present, it is referred to as a surface drain. When problems arise, consider Drain Lining and contact a site like Wilkinson env drain lining company.

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A sewer is composed of an infiltration system, a sewer line, and a drain field. All these components are interconnected by pipe. It is the entire set of pipes that carries the sewage from its source to the sewage treatment facility. The main purpose of these pipes is to trap and remove solid matter and liquids from a location before it flows out into the drain field. All components together form a functional system, a sewer.