The role of technology in accountancy work

February 1, 2021 12:44 pm


Gloucester Accountants are highly qualified and UK certified. They mainly assist the residents and companies based in Gloucester or in the surrounding areas. Accountants have a variety of workspaces. These have changed for many people due to the social distancing required by the pandemic which started in the winter of 2019. Many accountants are now working online for most or all of the time. This use of technology has saved many accountants from possibly losing their job. This could have been disastrous as many people’s livelihoods depends on accountants. This could include family members or other employees hired by accountancy firms.

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Accountants need to use software including the Microsoft office package and possibly also more specialised software. This changes depending on the firm the accountants work for. Security software such as antivirus programs are also very important as accountants often need to access and store confidential financial information belonging to their clients. Data leaks are therefore to be avoided through careful selection of software programs and strict rules about where and when the files can be accessed e.g., only to be used on company computers. All accountants therefore need to be technically skilled in order to use all the programs they need. Very little paperwork is completed by hand and many document are digitised and archived after use. This is useful and saves a lot of paper but older employees or those who are not good at using computers may need to be trained to use the necessary programs.

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