How to Make your Student Accommodation More Homely

January 29, 2021 3:18 pm


When moving away from home for the first time, it is the first opportunity that you have to create your own home and space to suit you. For many people, the first time they move away from home will be to study, so will most likely find a place like this Cheltenham student accommodation  that specialises in housing students.


As well as being one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, it can also be daunting and stressful. A good thing to do is to make your accommodation as homely as you can – it will really help you to feel better and settle in if you have a comfortable home.

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Here are some great ways that you can do this…


Add Pictures – Adding pictures to your walls is a great way to make your house feel more like a home. These could be favourite pieces of artwork, or photographs of friends and family. You could use a pin board or create your own photo wall. Be creative with it.

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Get some Plants – As well as being homely, plants are also a great way to make an environment more soothing and less sterile feeling. There are plenty of plants that do well inside, you could even grow your own windowsill herb garden!


Lighting – One of the best ways to change the mood of a room is with lighting – soft lighting makes a room feel relaxed and comfortable. Use string lights or table lamps to give a room a soft and homely glow.