The benefits of visiting heritage sites

May 5, 2020 6:32 pm


The organisation Historic England have found that when people visit places like historic villages, towns, ancient worship sites and places of archaeological interest, they enjoy the same beneficial effects on their blood pressure and general welfare as engaging in social sports activities.

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A study that took place at a London University was one of the first studies to establish the connection between mental health and heritage sites. This indicates that spending time at heritage sites, either as visitors or volunteers, often improves emotional well-being and promotes citizenship for those in isolated or disadvantaged sectors.

Across the country, many areas celebrate an annual Heritage Open Day, with many local authorities encouraging families to visit local museums, stately homes and historic sites as a healthy way to break the repeated pattern of work, shopping and housework.

While a period of respite in a beautiful castle might benefit anyone, it is thought that the moments people are taken “out of time”, with no phone or television, provide a wonderful haven of peace and healing in a busy digital era. For Stately Homes Cotswolds, visit a site like Cotswold Life, which is packed full of information on Stately Homes Cotswolds to visit.

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Suggesting the family visit a stately home might be met with grumbles from teens, kids and big kids alike but it certainly seems a healthy option if you’re looking for a combination of culture and physical benefits. Historic places seem to offer the perfect balance of both mental and physical benefits.