How to Avoid EMail Scams

June 2, 2021 4:51 am


Scam artists are notorious for using unsuspecting people’s email addresses to send them spam, phishing offers, and other unsolicited messages. In order to protect yourself against these unsavoury people, you need to know how to avoid email scams. In order to do this, you should never respond to any email that solicits from you; never reply to an unsolicited email and never give out information about yourself without knowing who the person is.

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Next, you should know how to avoid email scams by not falling for phishing scams. Phishing scams usually require you to provide your bank or credit card information. If you fall for a phishing scam, you could end up having your identity and money stolen. The internet is sadly full of scams but it is also a great place for you to advertise for products or services that you are selling. You just need some common sense and protection to avoid falling foul of criminal activity. For details on Cyber Liability Insurance, visit a site like JMP Cyber

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You should also make sure that you do not open or click on any e-mails that look suspicious. You should always look for the sender address, which should be on the first part of the message. You should also avoid clicking on links that you don’t recognise; these might be advertisements for other websites that you should not visit as they might be run by criminals looking to steal money.