Four benefits of a visitor management system

February 3, 2021 5:53 pm


There are many reasons for switching to a digital visitor management system. They are ideal for all kinds of premises, from local primary schools through to large manufacturing plants. With the option to tailor the system to your business needs, with additions such as cameras and barcode scanners, you can easily create an efficient sign-in process that’s right for you. Read on to discover four major benefits of adopting a visitor management system.

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Unlike traditional log-in books, a digital visitor management system is completely secure. Visitor personal details are kept confidential, and stored in the cloud where they are protected. When visitor information is scanned straight from their ID or business card, there is less chance of errors entering your records. You can access visitor data in order to conduct an analysis, or in the event of theft or other criminal activity. The system also ensures that you are in control of who has access to different areas on your premises. You can explore all of these benefits on sites such as


The COVID pandemic is a big issue facing employers, and a digital visitor management system UK can help you manage it. Signing-in and out becomes a contactless experience and contact tracing protocols can be followed with ease, with records of visitors and their details available instantly. Not only that, but emergency evacuations are improved, with the ability to check exactly who is inside your building, in real time.

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Signing-in is quicker and, as visitor details can be stored in the system, repeat visits can be quickly logged. Any disclaimers or compliance notifications can be added into the log-in process, and signed immediately. The relevant staff members can be automatically notified when their guest arrives, freeing reception staff to focus on other tasks, and so increasing productivity. A digital system can even allow you to pre-register visitors, speeding up the process still more.


There are savings to be made by switching to a digital system, such as admin and staffing costs if you have an unmanned reception area. Hours spent on-site by contractors can be checked against the system to prevent billing anomalies. There will no longer be paper sign-in sheets or books to be stored, which will save on paper costs as well as helping premises to move towards a more sustainable future.