Have you given any thought to retirement?

February 2, 2021 4:17 am


For those of us born as Generation Xers there is a constant worry that we wouldn’t have a decent pension. Quite simply most of us haven’t made any provision for it. As one very clever  advert for Financial services once stated, paraphrasing The Who, “You didn’t die before you got old…”. Retirement is some 20 years away but this isn’t going to be about  how you might be financially insecure. Ours will probably be the last generation to get a state pension, by the looks of it, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it will be alright. At least where we will live is sorted. There are plenty of brilliant Park Homes to choose from at http://www.parkhomelife.com/.

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When you do retire, and that is getting later and later in terms of age, how will you spend all that free time? It’s a sad fact that many people suffer from ill health when they don’t have the daily grind to keep themselves occupied.

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Do not despair! There are plenty of things that you can do. First of all you can devote more time to your hobbies. You can even become extremely proficient in it. If you don’t have a hobby then taking one up is also something that you might want to consider. If you don’t feel completely ready to stop working, but you don’t want to have to bother with a nine to five then perhaps you could look at Volunteering.