Bolt vs Cable Seal: A Comparison

November 2, 2020 5:21 pm


Both the bolt and cable seals offer great security to goods in transit. Both are used by many transportation companies for various applications. However, both have different features of security despite the same purpose of usage. Due to different features, both are used in separate situations. Hence, consider the following points when you are choosing one of these security seals.

Selecting bolt and cable seals:

The main factor for specifying the security seal is the purpose you are using it for. The size and type of cargo and type of goods also affect the selection of the right security seal. You can use bolt seals if you want to lock the domestic or international cargos. While the cable seals can help you if the holes are not aligned or have a zigzag type pattern. On the other hand, there are different sizes of cable and you have to use a thick cable to meet the international standards of security for international transportation.

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Hence, bolt seals are specified for lined up holes while the flexibility in the pattern of holes can be achieved using cable seals. Find out more about the Security Seal to meet your needs at Acme Seals

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Additional/other features:

Some other features also need to be considered. You will find non-spinning bolt seals. These are specified for protecting a special type of tempering. Another feature is that you will find some numbers on both barrel and pin. This is another type of bolt seal. In the same way, the cable seals also have different features specified for different situations and purposes. Long story short, the selection of security seals depends upon the nature of security you are looking for.