Clothes to avoid if you want to look stylish

November 2, 2020 5:23 pm


You might think that developing style is all about adding to your clothing collection. However, a good place to start is with subtraction. Getting rid of the things that are hurting your sartorial elegance. Here are some things men should get rid of:

Anything that is out of fashion

Novelty clothes

Off-putting habits

Wearing anything too flamboyant

Wearing overly functional garments

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Here are some further tips for style errors to avoid making:

Avoid large logos – don’t be a walking billboard. Even if you love a brand, you’re don’t get paid for advertising them so less is more. Never allow the branding to detract from the clothes. For a range of stylish Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jackets, visit a site like EJ Menswear.

Shoes with a pointed toe – Unfortunately, this style does nothing to flatter and generally makes feet look huge and clown-like. Stick with a classic chiselled toe for natural elegance.

Super skinny jeans – Most guys are pushing it with skinny jeans, but super skinny is a look not easily pulled off. They often create an odd silhouette and can accentuate areas best left to the imagination.

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Deep V necks – Never a good move to display too much man cleavage. You’ll end up being the butt of Simon Cowell jokes. A crew neck or normal V neck is a much wiser and more stylish option.

Baggy clothes – Not only will this make you look sloppy but can also make you look bigger than you are. A good fit for any garment is essential and should flatter your individual body shape.