What is an animal Sanctuary, how and why are they necessary?

May 26, 2020 5:08 pm


An animal Sanctuary is a safe environment and essential facility for wild and domesticated animals that have been injured or need to be protected to live and breed in.  There are four different types of Animal Sanctuaries; Wildlife, Exotic, Companion and Farmed.  Sanctuaries are a long-term solution for the animals that need to be in them, they are not sent back into the wild and are a safe haven for them to live out the rest of their days. Sometimes an animal is re-homed but only when the absolute best new home is found for them.

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If you are thinking about Sanctuaries and the care and protection of animals then a Bronze Animal Sculpture in your home or garden rather than the real thing could be the answer.  A beautifully created, individual masterpiece that will grace you home or garden for years to come.

Most Sanctuaries are not frequented by members of the public and the animals that live there are allowed to live as natural a life as possible.  These incredible facilities are funded by generous donations and volunteers gladly give up their time and expertise to work for them and help care for the animal residents there.

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Apart from caring for the animals that reside with them a Sanctuary tries to educate the public and change the ways in which they perceive, think about and treat animals.  The animals are neutered or spayed when necessary and well looked after by an onsite Vet who tends to any creature that needs help.