One of Tom Hanks early films

June 26, 2020 4:42 pm


In 1986 Tom Hanks was a young and up and coming actor. He was yet to score with a Big but was becoming hot property. He was cast in the film The Money Pit, alongside established comedy actress and Cheers alumni Shelly Long. The story centres around a young professional couple who are looking for anew home. Along comes a “too good to be true” property that they simply cannot pass up. If they had gotten a decent survey or used the Best conveyancing solicitors firm then they would not have had this issue.

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A “money pit” is a property that costs very little but ends up being just as expensive as if you’d bought a new or established home. The problem for the characters in the film is that they get duped. A kindly older lady tells them that she needs to sell up quickly because her husband is due to go to jail on a trumped up charge. The property is worth a Million dollars but she will let it go for two hundred thousands. She spins them a sad tale that convinces Hanks and Long is smitten with the romantic nature of the place as the old lady is living by candle light to save money.

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As soon as they move in the place falls to bits. The front door comes away in his hands, the staircase collapses, the plumbing is blocked with gunk and the electrics catch fire explaining the use of the candles. A bathtub comes though the floor and the antique chimney falls over. To cop it all a Raccoon as set up home in the dumb waiter.