Five ideas for elevating your loungewear to work-from-homewear

November 15, 2021 4:37 pm


It’s difficult to get the right balance when working from home to find something that is both smart and comfortable and relaxed. Loungewear can be great for relaxing around the home, but when it comes to working from home, you need to look professional. Here’s five easy to follow ideas to turn your loungewear into work-from-homewear.

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Choose good T-shirts and casual wear and learn how to style them for a look that is comfortable and professional. Find out more about what types of loungewear to choose to make sure you have a good staple wardrobe. Here’s some great tips and ideas on what sort of things to choose Go to a supplier like Lyle & Scott and choose from a great range.

Layer your T-shirts

Get a selection of T-shirts that you can add extra layers to for a more formal look. Add a flannel shirt over a T-shirt, leaving the top button open to see the T-shirt underneath. Or pair a T-shirt with a cardigan.

Get a good fit

Invest in some flannel shirts or sweatshirts but make sure that they are a good tailored fit, or the sweatshirt has a smart crew neck. Baggy and oversized clothes may be great for comfort, but it’s harder to give them that stylish look.

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Go for neutral colours

Keep your colour palettes simple, choose neutral tones so you can mix and match your staple pieces. Choose a range of simple pieces with basic colours. Lyle & Scott have an excellent range to choose from.


Add accessories to make a casual look more formal. Adding blazers or scarves gives that extra stylish touch that makes your loungewear look more co-ordinated. Adding a scarf to your sweatshirt adds more visual interest and gives you a snappier, smarter look.

Get a good selection of staple pieces

Go to a good supplier of men’s loungewear and choose a good selection of staple pieces. Choose basic T-shirts that are made from good quality fabrics. Keep the colours simple and choose a selection of good-fitting items that you can mix and match. Have a look at what’s on offer at Lyle & Scott clothes from EJ Menswear and put a great range of staple pieces together.

With a little bit of thought and imagination you can easily change your loungewear into work-from-homewear.