What is Ash Dieback

October 18, 2021 2:39 pm


Ash Dieback is a very big problem in the UK and has the potential to cause the removal of over 80% of the ash trees that we have. A Tree Surgeon Bournemouth way will often be called in to look at trees that may be affected by the fungus. You can visit tree surgeon Bournemouth Kieran Boyland if you have the need for any support with trees on or around your property.

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Ash Dieback is in fact a fungus which affects the tree. It originated in Asia and has travelled across to the UK and is found in all parts of the country. It causes the leaves of the trees to turn brown in patches across the leaf before they wilt and turn black. Dark brown lesions will also appear at the join of the branches and the trunk, these will cause the bark underneath to turn a grey-brown colour. This begins to affect the growth of the tree and the structure of the trunk.

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In Asia the fungus lives together with the ash trees and doesn’t appear to cause much damage. It is thought that the reason it has such devastating effects on the ash trees in the UK is because they haven’t grown with the fungus natively and so it has not built up any natural defences against it.