Things to avoid to keep your alloy wheels safe

October 19, 2021 12:59 pm


Alloys look great on a car and if you want to keep yours looking in car showroom condition, then try to avoid the following:

Kerbing – The worst thing you can do is scrape your wheels along a kerb as this will leave ugly marks and scuffs. Take extra care when parking and don’t drive too close to the pavement! For more details on Cheltenham Alloy Repair, go to a site like Apex wheels

Underinflated tyres – Driving with underinflated tyres runs the risk of dealing with a puncture and if that puncture occurs at high speeds, not only is this dangerous but you could easily damage your alloy wheels as well.

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Automatic Car Washes – As you cannot know what cleaning materials are being used, this could be causing the surface layer of your alloys to peel if the car wash is using an acid based cleaner. Take your car to a hand wash facility you trust or even better, do it yourself so you can choose what cleaning agents go on your car.

Potholes – A big problem in the UK, hitting a nasty pothole even at slow speeds can cause a lot of wheel damage. Try to avoid them if you spot them in time.

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Brake Dust – A build up of dust over time can lead to damage to the surface of the alloys. Regularly wash the wheel rims to remove any dust and debris accumulation.