The First of the Wild Spring Flowers – What to Look out for on your Walks

February 4, 2021 4:24 pm


Most people love the sight of flowers. They have the power to brighten your day when you see them on a walk, and a special bouquet from somewhere like this florist Tewkesbury based can remind you that someone is thinking of you.


So as spring is now just around the corner, here are some of the first blooms of the season to look out for whilst on your walk, to remind you that spring is on its way and lighter and happier times are coming…


Snowdrops – These pretty yet hardy little flowers grow from bulbs and are usually the first flowers to brave the chill of the late winter. Known as the flower that paves the way for all the others, you can’t help but feel cheery when you see these little white flowers on a chilly February day.

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Lesser Celandine – Closely following in the footsteps of the snowdrop are these pretty yellow flowers that add the first dash of spring colour to woodlands, hedgerows and riverbanks in late winter and early spring – they like the damp earth so can be found anywhere that provides that environment.

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Wood Anemone – These plants not only herald the oncoming spring, but they also indicate that the place where they are found is an ancient woodland, so if you see them you are very fortunate to be walking in such a rare habitat!