10 wood floor myths

June 3, 2020 10:20 am


1 Wood floors are expensive

Wood floors are extremely durable and can last for hundreds of years. Sustainable and beautiful, they’re actually extremely cost-effective with a low total service life making them a very wise investment.

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2 Wood flooring scratches easily

All flooring wears but wood flooring is easy to repair if it does become scratched. Wood floors can be sanded and refinished, and the addition of floor rugs will help to prevent damage.

3 Wood flooring isn’t sustainable

In fact, wood flooring is probably the most environmentally friendly flooring option available. Buy responsibly sourced, long lasting wooden flooring and you’ll be using less energy and natural resources than other types of floor.

4 Engineered wood isn’t real wood

This couldn’t be more wrong. Engineered wood uses multiple layers of wood and wood veneers to create beautiful and easy to care for flooring. Choose oak engineered flooring with the maximum wear layer and you’ll be able to refinish it just like solid wood flooring while keeping the overall costs of your flooring low.

10 wood floor myths


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5 Wood floors are high maintenance

Not true. A quick sweep, vacuum or dust and you’re done. A word of warning: never use mops or steam cleaners and wipe up any spills immediately before they cause damage.

6 Don’t bother investing in wood flooring if you’re on the move

On the contrary, wood flooring can add significant value to your home, and it’s a high priority for buyers. If you want to make a quick sale, invest in wood or engineered wood flooring.

7 Wood floors get dirtier than other flooring

Because wood floors are so easy to maintain, and it’s so easy to see the dirt, you can keep them much cleaner than other types of flooring. And that’s a huge benefit when you suffer from allergies.

8 Wood flooring causes global warming

Wood flooring is actually a carbon neutral product because during their lifespan trees capture carbon dioxide while putting oxygen back into the atmosphere.

9 Wood floors have no warmth

Wood is a good insulator, five times more insulating than a concrete subfloor. Wood is particularly warm when used with underfloor heating.

10 Wood can’t stand up to kids and pets

Absolutely wrong. Pick a hardwood like oak and pick a resistant finish and your floor will stand up to anything.