Heart Disease – One of Britain’s’ Biggest Killers

September 18, 2020 4:50 pm


More than a quarter of all deaths in the UK are caused by heart diseases as well as circulatory diseases. For this reason, this is one of the illnesses that there is an enormous of amount of research on treatments and preventions for heart related diseases.

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One of the biggest killers I coronary heart disease. This is usually caused by a build up of fat in the arteries of the heart, which means that the blood is unable to get through. Some lifestyle factors are known to cause this problem – smoking, eating too much fatty food and drinking alcohol to excess are the main factors.


Other illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure also may lead to someone developing complications with their heart.


Although a great deal of research and clinical trials are being done into heart disease in the UK such as adaptive phase 1 clinical studies like this https://www.richmondpharmacology.com/specialist-services/adaptive-phase-i-studies as of yet there is no cure for it.


Patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease are advised to make changes to their lifestyle to prevent the problems that they have from getting any worse. Regular exercise, cutting down on alcohol consumption, stopping smoking and eating a healthy diet are the main ways that people can protect their heart.

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Sometimes, surgeons can also perform an operation to treat the arteries that are narrow in the heart, this is known as angioplasty and is designed to decrease the chances of the patient suffering from a blockage in the heart which could lead to a heart attack.