Facts about the dangers of Anthrax

October 15, 2021 3:32 pm


Anthrax poisoning is one of the most dangerous illnesses that you can become infected with. However, there is little cause for alarm as it has been virtually wiped out as a threat to human beings. Here are some facts about the disease and how it has affected us down through the years.

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Anthrax is a bacteria that, once it gets into the body, can cause severe damage, including death. As it is Bactrim, it is not contagious like a virus. Therefore you cannot “catch” Anthrax from another human being in the same way you can catch a cold. It is a naturally occurring bacteria that live in the soil in an inactive state for hundreds of years. However, if it comes into contact with certain sugars and enzymes, it can become dangerous. It is of particular danger to Herd animals such as Cows and Sheep. They can get Anthrax from eating grass or fodder that is infected with Anthrax spores. It would require the work of Land Remediation Services like soilfix.co.uk to fix the problem and allow the animals to safely garze on the land.

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If Anthrax spores enter the body then they can become active. Once they do they begin to produce toxins and poisons that can have serious implications. These spores enter the body via food, water or breathing in the spores. Other ways are if the Anthrax spores get into a cut or scrape.

The UK government were so worried about the use of Anthrax as a weapon that they deliberately infected a whole Scottish Island with it. They left Flora and Fauna, namely Sheep, to see what was infected and by how much.