Can maca help with weight loss?

September 24, 2020 1:54 pm


If you haven’t already heard of maca, you aren’t alone, but you will be ahead of the trend if you learn all you can about it now. You will be hearing more and more about it as it becomes a popular superfood, and rightfully so. Maca root isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s actually been around for centuries. Found mostly in Peru, this root vegetable is full of nutrients that have health-conscious people jumping at the chance to add the root to their diet. Offering plenty of health benefits is great, but some people are hoping it can also aid in their weight loss journey.

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What can maca do for you

With an incredible amount of helpful nutrients, maca can add quite a lot to a well-balanced diet. It even has properties that can help with libido as well as energy! While maca might not be the first thing people think of as a helpful weight loss aid, don’t write it off just yet.

The energy it can help give may increase your activity levels. Also, the minerals, vitamins and amino acids in maca can be helpful as a stress and anxiety reducer. If you are an anxious eater, this can help curb those stressful moments. Looking at weight loss as a whole means choosing healthy foods to put in your body.

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How to take maca

Maca is sometimes confused with matcha, a beneficial green tea from Asia. Keep in mind that maca is a root vegetable from Peru. The root is ground up into powder form and added to certain foods to be consumed. To help make it extra nutritious, you can also get maca powder in a more concentrated form called gelatinized Maca powder, such as

Adding maca to your diet couldn’t be easier. Adding a scoop to a smoothie or shake is easy enough, but some people enjoy it by simply adding it to a warm or cold milk drink. You can even bake with maca powder, adding it to muffins and granola bars to have some healthy on-the-go treats ready for when you’re out and about. This can help stop you from heading for the nearest fast food place.

Whether you are adding maca to your diet for its healthy nutrients, fertility help, or as part of a weight loss plan, there are plenty of benefits awaiting.