It’s Autumn – A Great Time to Have Wardrobe De-Clutter

October 13, 2020 6:43 pm


Autumn is here and we start to look forward to Halloween and crisp walks through the leaves. One of the best autumn activities is having a wardrobe clear out – as the seasons change, sorting and updating your wardrobe is a good thing to do at this time of the year. Once it is done, you can treat yourself to some up to date fashions like these mens designer clothes.

The first thing to do when having a proper clear out of your wardrobe is to get out everything. You can’t do this job with a quick glance as everything you own has to pass the test if it is to go back in the wardrobe!

Once everything is out of the wardrobe, you need to assess it – if it is summer wear, it can be packed away until next year as that will just take up space that you need for easy to access items.

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Each item should be looked at critically – you might love it but what can you wear it with? Does it fit you well – if you have never worn it why is that? Be strict with yourself and focus on your daily clothing needs as well as what you are most likely to pick for an evening out.

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Once you have decided what is going to stay and what will be going, sort out the clothes that you are getting rid of – some you may be able to sell, some may be good for the charity shop and some you may be able to recycle.