How Multiple Sclerosis Causes Damage to the Body

September 18, 2020 5:10 pm


MS or Multiple Sclerosis is a disease which can cause a wide range of symptoms. The reason for this is that it varies from person to person which part of the body is first affected by the illness, which in turn will affect what symptoms the person will have.

The reason that MS has such a wide variety of symptoms is because it is an illness affecting the nervous system. It is caused by the body attacking itself – in a healthy body, the immune system works hard to protect the body from any outside pathogens such as a virus or bacteria. It then attacks any intruders in order to keep the body safe.

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In people who have MS, the immune system actually attacks the body itself. In the nervous system, there is a substance called myelin, which protects the nerves as well as helping the messages that they transmit get from place to place. Someone with Multiple Sclerosis has an immune system which attacks this myelin, and damages it leaving scars – meaning that messages between parts of the body can be slowed down or even stopped completely.

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Although there is no cure at the moment for MS, there is a lot of research going on into the disease – through studies and things like paid clinical trials, scientists are working hard to find drugs which can relieve the symptoms and hopefully one day cure the disease itself.