Should Small Businesses Worry About Cyber Threats?

June 29, 2021 8:01 am


Should small businesses worry about cyber threats? Many people believe that the answer is no and that the only way to stay safe is by not opening an email or instant message account to begin with. However, a recent report about one of the most destructive viruses ever created, indicates that even the simplest precautions taken with email or Instant Messenger can be risky.

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When should small businesses begin to worry about potential cyber threats? One of the biggest dangers to a business is identity theft. A hacker can use your personal information to access your bank accounts, your tax returns, and other pertinent documents. Most businesses will have their information protected by physical security such as firewalls and the like, but they are still vulnerable if they are not password protected. Passwords can easily be stolen by an assailant using a virus or worm to infiltrate your computer. Find out more about Cyber Liability Insurance from a company like JMP Cyber

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Another danger to small businesses is spyware and malware. These types of programs are installed on your computer without your knowledge and can perform a variety of harmful activities. Some attacks can open the door for hackers to access data files and databases, which can be very dangerous. Spyware and malware can also be used to monitor your internet usage. If a business is using wireless services to provide its services, then they are at risk from being targeted by keyloggers and monitoring software.