Moving Your Energy Meter

August 28, 2020 6:50 am


There are a few reasons why you may wish to move your energy meter. It is illegal to move it yourself, but you may be able to get it moved if you are having difficulty reading it or you are having building work done.

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Find Out If Your Meter Can Be Moved by Your Energy Supplier

Contact your current energy supplier and let them know that you would like your gas or electric meter box moved. Whether they can carry out the work will depend on the current position of your meter box, where you would like it to be moved to, what connector it has (gas meters only) and the reason you want it moved. Many suppliers have information on their website about moving meters, but it is worth contacting them with your specific requirements.

Suppliers will charge for this service, so as with all types of works it is a good idea to get quotes from more than one supplier. However, your current supplier is the only one allowed to move your gas or electric meter box, so if you want a different supplier to carry out the work you will need to change energy suppliers first. This can affect your energy charges, so think carefully and check that it is worthwhile overall before switching. You may need to install a new meter box as part of the work, such as an electric meter box, so factor this cost into your calculations as well.

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If you are a priority energy user and you want to change the location of your pre-paid meter because you are having difficulty reading or accessing it, let your supplier know and there is a good chance they will relocate it free of charge. Priority customers are usually pensioners, someone with a disability, anyone diagnosed with a long-term illness or someone on the register of priority services.

If Your Supplier Is Unable to Move Your Meter

Get in touch with the electricity distributor or gas transporter instead. They will charge for this, and the price depends on what exactly is required. You may also want a registered gas engineer or electrician to carry out additional work, such as reconnecting the gas or electricity within your home. These are also chargeable services, and therefore it is worthwhile getting quotes from more than one trader before choosing your gas engineer or electrician.