“Photographs and Memories” not only a song by Jim Croce

July 28, 2020 4:05 pm


The poignant and beautifully written, greatest hits compilation by Jim Croce entitled “Photographs and Memories” was re-released in 1974 a year after the singer died in a tragic aircraft accident. One side of the sleeve on the album holds a very special photograph of A.J. Croce, Jim’s Son and the other a tributary essay written about the popular rock and folk musician.

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The title song of the same name, on the compilation album includes the words; “Memories that come at night, take me to another time.  Summer skies and lullabies, nights we couldn’t say goodbye, and of all of the things that we knew, not a dream survived”.   A sad and melancholy song that speaks of a relationship that’s over, possibly due to a bereavement.  Living in A Care Home in Taunton, Exeter, Dawlish or Torquay elderly residents could possibly have photographs and fond memories of their past loved ones.  A Care Home Taunton, Paignton, Plymouth or Westward Ho would encourage their Service Users to keep photographs around them as precious memories.

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Nowadays mobile phones are used to capture photos and precious moments in our lives and stored on a computer chip but not that long-ago cameras were used and black and white or colour photographs were taken and stored carefully in special albums and boxes. Something tangible to hold onto and look at, to smile, laugh and cry at when our memories come flooding back of that particular time.