Why you might like a country house wedding

January 14, 2021 5:07 am


Here are some persuasive reasons to select a location in the stunning British countryside in a country house setting if you’re planning your wedding this year.

For your big day, several country houses offer exclusive use, so you can enjoy in true style what the grounds have to offer. You’re not going to end up feeling constrained, you’re not going to crash into any other brides, and you can really feel like you own the place for the day. Why not take a look at Wedding Venues Northampton way such as Kelmarsh

Country houses boast lush gardens, ancient trees, flowering blooms, and maybe even a pool, bubbling brook, and fascinating architecture with featured bridges. For your wedding pictures, all of which create an idyllic atmosphere.

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Country houses offer easy parking, tranquilly away from the city’s hustle and on-site accommodation so that they can take a break. If you love the idea of getting your nearest and dearest close by for the whole weekend, then the ideal choice is a country house venue.

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When it comes to picking stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures, you’ll be spoilt for options. The photographer awaits you with ornate rooms, attractive exits, architectural features and abundant gardens, leaving you with no lack of precious memories to cherish forever.

The best of all worlds is given by a country house wedding. In the wonderful surroundings of the countryside, you can celebrate indoors or outdoors. It is possible to spend wet, sunny days in the gardens enjoying drinks and garden games, but the beautiful interior can still be enjoyed if the weather changes.