Why timber is still used as a construction material

November 28, 2020 3:26 am


While it is unusual to have a house entirely made from wood in the modern era, it is not unheard of. With floorboards and the roof structure, we still use components of wood in our new homes today. Why do we continue to prefer choosing timber over synthetic materials like plastic? For many building projects, timber is now the original and the best. This true for Oak Extensions that can add a great twist to a building,

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One of the main strengths is that it is Biodegradable. Unlike plastic, when wood is exhausted, it can decay, creating new trees with homes for insects and animals plus nutrients.


Better than concrete, it insulates a house. Wood,unlike metal, does not transfer heat as well. In an urban setting, trees are used to minimise heat sinks as they absorb the warmth and turn it into useful oxygen.

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If it is done appropriately, timber wears almost as well as brick. The atmosphere in which it is put is also a consideration.


The forestry industry in Europe is vast and grows more trees than it requires to ensure that they are sustainable. It does take decades, though, for a tree to achieve maximum maturity.


While being a softwood, a large amount of pine is used in building and furniture manufacturing. The theory is that pine is more compact than certain hardwoods. The definition of softwood and hardwood applies to the leaves of the tree (wide leaves of hardwood trees) and whether they are deciduous or evergreen.