Tips for Moving Abroad

September 22, 2021 11:04 am


Moving abroad is exciting but also scary, no matter what your reasons for moving are. The most important thing to do before moving abroad is prepare by doing as much research about the place you’re moving to as you can. Read on for some tips for moving abroad.

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  1. Research the average cost of living in the country you plan to move to and save up. It may be recommended to change the currency of your savings in advance to prevent any future problems.
  2. Sort out your accommodation before you move if you can, whether it’s a place you’ll rent, family or friend you’ll stay with, or a house you’ll buy. Don’t risk being homeless!
  3. When deciding on accommodation, make sure to research the area as much as possible to be certain that it is a safe area, it is near amenities, it is not too far from your work, and, if you have children, it is near a good school that they can go to.

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  1. Don’t try to fit your house and life in a suitcase. Declutter first, pack your things for moving abroad, and then arrange for a moving company that you know to be reliable, to ship your items to the country you are moving to. It is important it has good reviews as items going missing, shipping not arriving, or arriving damaged, are common stories.
  2. Lastly, organise your bills before you move so that you have heating, electricity, water and internet as soon as you move in. If you are moving to Ireland, contact Vodafone Store Ireland by visiting to sort out an internet or broadband plan.