The most iconic TV interviews

September 7, 2020 5:39 pm


The television interview has given us the chance to see into the midst of the great and the good in a way that was not thought possible some hundred years ago. When television was first developed it was considered a flash in the pan. Print media newspapers and the Cinema were thought to ride out the craze but television proved itself by being able to bring the stars into the home with an immediacy that print could not. Getting a good reception for the TV is still paramount and a TV Aerials Swansea area company is one of the best.  What are the most famous television interviews ever conducted?

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  1. Martin Bashir to Princess Diana. In 1995 the Peoples Princess blew the lid of the Royal family with a candid hour long interview for panorama. In the programme she revealed the extent of her battle with bulimia and the difficulties in her marriage such as Prince Charles still being in love with Camilla Parker Bowles and her own infidelites with James Hewett. Two years later, she was dead.
  2. David Frost to Richard Nixon. Conducted in 1977 the lightweight Frost suddenly found himself interviewing the disgraced former President who resigned to avoid impeachment. Frost was desperate to get the man to admit his wrong doing but after 11 interviews of boredom and bluster he had nothing. He bluntly asked “Why didn’t you burn the tapes?” finally cracking the president.

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  1. Bill and Hilary Clinton in 1992. The Presidential candidate was on the ropes with several accusations of affairs with a researcher. He denied the affair but refused to say he had not had any in the past. Hilary held his hand throughout and his campaign for election was restored. The most memorable part was when Hilary said she was “…not some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette”.