The beauty of warm woollen jumpers

August 20, 2021 4:12 pm


Aran Sweaters are one of the most popular sweater styles in the world and you can find some great options from places like Shamrock Gift. These sweaters tend to be fairly large and bulky, with many of them having double-breasted designs. They are usually constructed from highly breathable wool or a similar fabric.

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Many Aran sweaters are made using only Aran yarn, which has a high, superior fibre which makes it ideal for people who want to feel as comfortable as possible when wearing their clothing, no more scratch woolen tops! Although it is possible to find Aran knitters who produce items out of other types of yarn, many people prefer the soft, light feeling of Aran yarns. The Aran jumper features cable stitches on the body. A typical Aran Jumper, which is white in colour, is normally off white or cream with cable designs radiating from the cuff to the hem. The designs have even been transferred over to other clothing.

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The jumpers are not only stylish but they also help to keep you warm on colder days. As mentioned the traditional colour was white but you can now find them in lots of different colours and you can even find the designs and stylings in other tops such as cardigans.