Sitting in the Starfleet hot seat

June 5, 2020 1:13 pm


It takes a while to make it into a Starship. When you join Starfleet academy you’ve got at least four years worth of study. This is a practical, theoretical and academic course before you get to sit in an Operator Chair on one of Starfleet’s many ships. If you get lucky you might even get to have a seat on the Enterprise, the flagship of the fleet. Not that anyone can get in there, it is highly sought after.

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The procurement officer in Starfleet must have a busy job as Find a cheap operator chair is probably one of their most frequently asked questions.  Given the amount of ships the Federation has this is certainly quite a challenge. They number in the hundreds, though not all are as large as the latest marque of the Enterprise. The NCC 1701-J Universe class Starship is two miles long!

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One seat that any cadet will want to work to is that of the Captain’s Chair. This is the pinnacle of any prospective Starfleet member and should be the goal of all who wish to serve regardless of whatever race they belong to. It is not an easy road and there are many challenges but the rewards are enormous.