Keeping Cool – How to Stop the Summer Heat from Ruining your Sleep at Night

June 28, 2022 6:47 am


We all look forward to the hot sunny days that summer brings. But sleeping at night is one of the downsides of the hot weather. In the UK we are just not used to it, and when we get a long spell of hot weather, sleeping is something that many people find very difficult! Here are a few ways that you can beat the heat this summer and get a good night’s sleep on those very hot days…

Gadgets that Help you Sleep – There are many things that you can buy to help you sleep better in the hot weather. If you really want to make sure that you keep the bedroom cool, then the best thing to do is contact someone like this air conditioning Gloucester based company Ace Comfort Cooling to install air conditioning. If you don’t have the budget for a new air conditioning system, have a look into the many types of fans that are available which could help to cool your bedroom down at night.

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Soothing Silk – As well as being a luxurious and comforting fabric, silk is well suited to the bedroom in the summer as it has fantastic cooling abilities. The threads between the silk let the air through them, and silk absorbs excess heat away from the skin to keep you cool. It is also something that can be used in the winter, as well as keeping you cool, it uses the same method to help you stay warm in the winter, helping your body to balance one’s temperature.

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Prepare the Room – Getting the room ready for sleep on a hot day is also a good way to tackle the problem of sleeping in the hot weather. Leave windows open during the day (using mesh screens will let the air in but stop little bugs and flies from coming in!). Keeping curtains closed all day is also a great idea in the hotter weather, as it will stop the sun from getting into the room and heating it up throughout the day. When you get to the room at night, you want it to be nice and cool, so keeping the sun out will be a great way to do this.