Giving first aid advice from heaven

June 21, 2022 4:18 pm


“Just Like Heaven” was released in 2005 and sees Reese Witherspoon playing the lead role of Elizabeth alongside Mark Ruffalo playing David. Elizabeth is an emergency doctor who spends all of her time working or studying for work. She is in a serious car accident and ends up in a coma. Her apartment is put up for rent, and David moves in. Elizabeth starts to appear to David in her apartment, and hilarity ensues as both individuals believe the other to be an intruder.

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The two people strike up an unlikely friendship, but not until David tries to have Elizabeth exorcised to remove her from his home. Over the course of the film, their friendship starts to blossom, and as David is the only one who can see Elizabeth, the two start to confide in one another. They talk about their pasts, their lives and their fears for the future.

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One memorable scene sees a gentleman having a medical event in a restaurant where David is eating. Elizabeth watches what is happening and is desperate to save the man’s life, but as a spirit, she can’t. She talks David through the first aid that he needs to administer to the man. It would probably have been much easier if David had undertaken an Emergency First Aid Training Courses at work, like the ones from