Can we ever go back to the office again?

December 1, 2020 5:12 am


The question should have a second half to it namely, why would we want to? For many of us the new working reality is that we are currently, or have already looked to, convert a bedroom or part of the living room over to a working office space. It has allowed many of us to retain our employment status and it has also meant that many businesses, despite a bit of blip, have been able to function at full capacity. However there is still the need for the right equipment and Next day office furniture from Bestbuyofficechairs can easily provide that.

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There now seems to be a parting of the ways in the workforce when it comes to home working. For some it is the answer to many issues that they have been having. It reduces the commute. It allows them to spend more time with family and to juggle the famous “work life balance” equation. It takes out the need for extra expense. These are factors that the one time office worker is suddenly aware of getting that they never had before. The biggest shock for many is that they realise that they do not need a large office space to do their job. In these days of remote access and laptops anywhere is an office (as long as there is decent and secure WiFi).

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What this means going forward is far too soon to tell. It may be that employers will have some difficulty in asking the staff to come back to the office, certainly for some roles, when it is clear that the model at present is working.