Why it doesn’t pay to be cheap with roof repairs

October 12, 2021 11:03 am


Everyone likes to save money but when it comes to fixing roof problems, being cheap can cost you more in the long term. It is tempting to see a small issue and think that a bit of DIY will sort it out. However, here are some common errors made that can store up more problems for the future:

  • Knowing where a leak is

Homeowners often think they have identified where a problem is due to evidence of water damage on a ceiling, for example. However, pooling water can be a sign of a leak somewhere completely different. Water travels through pipes and along internal surfaces until it settles on a flat surface. The leak may originate in a different place entirely.

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  • Not understanding the root cause

A homeowner may believe that a damp patch is the result of a broken roof tile. They replace the tile and think all is solved. However, what if there is a problem with the underlayment on the roof that caused water to seep in through a broken tile? This is why a professional opinion is so important to avoid fixing cosmetic surface issues only to identify deeper problems later on. For Hereford Roofers, visit https://rrichardsandson.co.uk/roofing-services-near-me/

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  • Lack of experience

Unless you’re a roofer, chances are you might do the wrong thing or do the right thing but do it badly. This can cost even more to rectify in the future. The same can be said for hiring a cheap contractor who has little experience. It is also wise to get a problem fixed first time with a trusted roofing professional.