What can cause a blocked drain?

December 16, 2020 5:01 am


There are a multitude of ways in which a drain can become blocked. In all cases none of these are pleasant so attempting to do it yourself can be problematic. The use of CCTV Drainage Surveys can identify what is causing the issue. Here are a few examples.

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Water channels become blocked with debris.

Natural debris can be a concern for waterways, especially after spring and autumn. Things such as trees, shrubs, dirt and leaves. The leaves, however, are not the only source of trouble as the roots of trees can grow out looking for water and will usually go straight to your waterways as a result.

Channels of blocked water from Fat.

Fat can collect in the kitchen sink over time, much like hair in the shower. This fatty material is a very common cause of ducts and pipes getting blocked and can be a cleaning nuisance. Any fat washed into the sink will bind to the inside of the pipe when it cools. It gradually collects to the point that it is difficult for the liquid to move through.

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Drains are not for Hair.

The consequence of an accumulation of hair that starts to block your drain is one of the most common reasons for actually having one. Normally, it’s a pretty easy job to remove hair and if you do not discard it straight away- it may result in several issues in the pipe. One of the principal causes of blocked drains is hair loss from the body during bathing as it gets washed down the sink in the bathroom.