Ways to keep heat in the home

February 14, 2022 3:26 pm


We are hearing on the news a lot talk about insulation. Keeping the heat in our homes is vital to reducing the amount of time we need to have heating units like boilers for central heating,  electric fires or even real fires, if you still have them. Insulation isn’t just about keeping the heat in its also about keeping it out when there is a heatwave. As we are looking at an increase in the worlds temperature combined with a need to reduce our uses of fossil fuels, making our homes as green as possible is the key.

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What can be done to make this happen? There are major changes and minor ones. For example, when it comes to lighting you should have switched to LED and low energy light bulbs by now. They both use greatly reduced amounts of electricity yet still produce the same amount of light. Another way to keep it in heat is to trap it with Downlight Covers. The holes required to accommodate lighting units create draughts that let in cold air.

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Double or even triple glazing is also essential. All modern homes come with it as standard. It is incredible to think how much heat is lost through a single pane of glass compared to it’s upgrade. Within the walls the cavities should also have insulation to reduce heat loss and in the loft there should be solid rolls of insutlaring material like rockwool.