The Return of the Dining Room

June 30, 2021 7:59 am


After a good decade or so of the open plan downstairs being in vogue, the dining room as a separate entity is making a comeback. Being able to separate the rooms is once again something that people want, and perhaps, all that time in lockdown being spent in one room means that people have once again seen the benefit of being able to close the door to a room and get some of their own time now and again?!


If you have decided that you are going to buy a house with a dining room, put up a wall or simply transform a room that is functioning as something else into a dining room, you are probably wondering how best to style it and decorate it to make sure it is not only visually pleasing but that it does what you want it to – after all you can find a professional like JS Decorating painters Cheltenham to give you a stunning dining room but the room needs to work for you and your household.

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Here are some style ideas that might suit you…


The traditional dining room – Many of us will be familiar with a more formal style of dining room. These are pleasing as they allow us to enjoy our food surrounded by sumptuous surroundings and elegance which somehow seem to make food taste better and are great places for entertaining.


The casual dining room – If you have kids, dogs or both it is likely that your needs are going to be for a more practical dining room than a formal one. Easy to clean floors, space for highchairs and a fun and fresh look is perfect if this is what you need.

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The small dining room – We don’t all have the luxury of vast elegant rooms, but this shouldn’t put you off. There are many fantastic dining rooms that are in smaller spaces and the trick is to turn it into a cosy and warm space to enjoy eating.