Six Things That Could Be Slowing Down Your House Sale

July 9, 2021 3:24 pm


If you’re ready to sell your home and hoping to get it on the market and sold as soon as possible, then it is important to generate interest. However, selling your house is not always as easy as it seems to be, and there can be hurdles in the way slowing down the process. Here are six things that could be slowing down the sale of your home.

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Maintenance Problems

If your home has visible maintenance problems or even problems that a buyer’s survey will pick up, make sure that they are fixed. Preparation is key, and a buyer will want to see that the house has been well looked after. Fill in plaster cracks and touch up paint. Check for mould or water leak stains – this is an immediate ‘put off’ for many. Find the problem and get it fixed. Ignoring repairs will slow down the house sale considerably.

Home Decoration

Make your home look inviting. Dead plants and worn-out textiles and wall paint can slow down your house sale. Spend a little time and money on your space to make it look inviting.

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Underestimating Costs and Conveyancing Delays

There are many costs included in the selling of a house – not only on maintenance and decoration but also for the legal fees. Conveyancing delays can be a problem that could be slowing down your house sale. There is also a possibility that for some reason your buyer may change their mind. This means that you may be left out of pocket if you have already spent money on conveyancing. A company with fixed conveyancing costs and a ‘no sale, no fee’ service, as well as great reviews, such as Sam Conveyancing, can help to prevent your being out of pocket and also speed up the selling process.

Kerb Appeal

Before booking a viewing, potential buyers will often drive by the house. If there is no kerb appeal, they may not even want to come for a viewing. Make a great first impression by painting the front door, and make sure your front garden plants look healthy.


Having a cluttered space means that your home may look smaller than it really is. Allow your potential buyers to visualise themselves in the house you’re selling. Clean and declutter, and put away items that make your home and storage spaces look untidy or small.


You should also attempt to sell the buyer the life that they could have in your home. Instead of stripping all personality from the rooms, add one or two photos and other items that show that the house is lived in happily.