Mole Problems

July 27, 2020 5:18 pm


As with all pests, moles can create quite a disturbance. If you are plagued with moles making a mess of your garden, here is some information to prevent and get rid of moles forever.

How to tell if you have an infestation of moles

Chances are, you will not see moles as they want to stay in the dark underground tunnels they make, but if you have them, you will definitely know about it. You will see things like:

fresh mounds of soil

raised ridges around the open mounds

Roots, plants and grass disturbed

uneven ground

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Are they bad for your garden?

Moles do not cause much harm, but they make your landscape look messy, which is for the avid gardener or landscaper, can be very testing. That said, moles do help to aerate the soil, which makes for a healthy and vigorous lawn. For help with Pest Control Essex, visit a site like

Why is there a mole in my garden?

If you see evidence of moles, it is likely that your grass is a veritable goldmine of tasty bugs and worms. Moles are only there for the supply of food; they are also not picky and will eat almost any type of insect.

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Will a mole come into your house?

Moles are not going to go into a building. They love the outdoors and enjoy the calm, even stopping digging if they hear any noise whatsoever.

Will moles leave on their own?

A mole will only go if there is no longer enough food for it to survive.