How to Make your Home Feel Like your Own

June 4, 2021 5:45 am


If you are moving into your own home for the first time, or moving into student accommodation, making your house feel like home is an important factor when it comes to settling in quickly. So what are the best ways to make your new pad feel homely?

Here are a few suggestions…

Add lots of soft texture – Home is a place to snuggle up in the evening and relax, so using lots of soft and cosy materials is a great way to make your space homely. Knitted chunky blankets and cushions, as well as snuggly rugs make a place feel warm and inviting to be in.

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Create a space that reflects your personality – Making the place feel like it is yours is important. You can go the whole hog and paint it in a palette of your favourite colours or add decorations and artwork that you love to make the space your own. We tend to relax more when our surroundings reflect what we love.

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Furnishing your place – Cosy and welcoming homes always have comfortable furniture, as well as touches like curtains that add a lot of warmth to the room. Curtains are a great way to add a splash of colour to the room easily too – have a look for specialist curtain shops like Tewkesbury curtains Laskeys for inspiration and for those unusually shaped windows that may need made to measure curtains too.