Different types of garage doors based upon their material

June 24, 2020 2:12 pm


You can find a countless variety of garage doors. The following are some of the types based on the core material used in their manufacturing.

Wooden garage doors:

The unmatchable beauty of these doors captures the attention of everyone. These doors being most beautiful amongst all the types. Such doors require proper maintenance and care because the wood has to stand against all types of extreme weather conditions like hail or snow.

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Wood composite doors:

These doors are made up of fibreboard and a wooden frame. These doors cost less than pure wooden doors. You will also have to show some compromise on beauty. But they have high power to resist hard weather conditions.

Aluminium garage doors:

Aluminium garage doors are becoming popular due their lightweight properties. These doors also have a charming look. But they can cause problems in summer because aluminium will absorb heat from sunlight. For Garage Doors Bath, visit a site like https://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/garage-doors-bath/

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Steels garage doors:

Many people like steel garage doors. The reason is that steel is beautiful and durable at the same time. You can find a variety of customization and design. These doors are highly insulated. The feature of insulation helps to maintain the temperature.

Glass garage doors:

These are the least safe and least durable amongst all types. Most people do not buy them just because of privacy as anyone can see through the glass. Glass can’t compete with the durability of other materials no matter how thick it is.