Boiler Installation – Replacement Vs Installing

May 5, 2021 4:59 pm


Installing a new boiler should always be done by a professional Boiler Installation Cheltenham company like HPR Services because there are many elements that need to be installed correctly and when working with gas you need to be a registered engineer.

When you hire a boiler installation company, they will come to your home with their equipment and take measurements of the size of your home so they know what size the boiler has to be. They will install the boiler where you tell them to, usually on the second floor or above ground if you want to avoid running wires all over your home.

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Once the engineer arrives at your home, he will make a detailed list of everything that needs to be done, including any piping or wires that need to be run to the new system. Once the engineer is done with his calculations, he will give you a price for the boiler. He will then install the heating element, which usually takes only a few hours. Once the engineer is finished, you’ll receive a call confirming that your heating system is now running and ready to use.

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The first thing that will happen is that the engineers will cut all of the existing wiring that led to your previous heating system. You can then be sure you have a new efficient boiler system.