When is it time to consider care?

June 15, 2020 2:10 pm


As a parent or loved one ages, you may need to consider what is best for their living arrangements. There are a variety of options, such as home care and assisted living which are the most common.

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Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility can be difficult for everyone involved, but sometimes it’s even more difficult to know when the right time is to move or to call in outside help. Find out more about Live in Care Bristol at a site like Liveincare.com, providers of Live in Care Bristol

If you think the time might have arrived, perhaps some of the following scenarios have occurred:

1.Has a loved one fallen?

Should they suffer another fall, how long might they be incapacitated before anyone can get to them to help? Some types of falls, particularly if your loved one is unable to get assistance, are a signal that more help is needed in the form of a care facility or live in care.

  1. Does your family member take longer to recover after illness or injury?

This could be a sign of a weakened immune system and can be a sign that they require more urgent treatment. Speak to their healthcare professionals about any concerns you have. A full-time caregiver in a residential setting or living in can significantly improve their health outcome.

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  1. Is the person suffering from chronic health problems that are only getting worse?

If they do, it may be time to move them into an assisted living facility or nursing home. When they are well enough, they should be involved in the choice and might welcome the opportunity to socialize and meet other people.