Importance of Occupational Health and Safety

July 6, 2021 5:37 am


Occupational health professionals are concerned with the risks to be faced by workers in various industries and the ways to protect them. There are many aspects of occupational health that have to do with the quality of life of the people who work in certain jobs. Occupational health policies set down the standards of safety that have to be followed by employers and employees alike in the workplace.

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An Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational Health can support businesses in establishing their occupational health protocol. This could mean assessing employees at their workstations to ensure that they are sitting correctly and helping to prevent back and neck injuries from occurring. It could also be providing employees with adjustments to help with this such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs and back supports.

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The list of considerations that an employee has to take into account is lengthy. However, it is of vital importance when you consider the position we were in when it came to occupational health. Go back some 50 years and it was fledgling or a nice thing to do. Go back even further and it was nonexistent. The Mills, mines and factories of the Victorian era had a simple policy when it came to health and safety. This was, “if you don’t like it then don’t work here”. The Labour movement has gone some way to change this.